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Welcome to Oceanview Speedway
29th November Review

Hot Day; Hot Action

It’s been a long, hot afternoon at Supercheap Autos Oceanview Speedway, but the first two championships of the 2015-16 season have been decided.

Peter Rees in 11G is the winner of the Charlie Berntsen Trophy for this season. In an action-packed final heat, Rees Snr avoided the attention of a number of Wanganui cars and Corey Sutton (89S) to take the win and the title. Going into the final heat Ethan Rees (127G) led his father by a point, but was twice stopped by Sutton allowing Dion Mooney (6V) to finish the race in second.

Ethan Rees and Mooney were tied in second place, so a four-lap run-off was called. Mooney turned right into Rees from the startline, but the tank got clear. When Rees spun Mooney going into Turn 3, he had secured a family quinella.

Peter Rees was visibly emotional when accepting the trophy in the Clubrooms. He had a huge amount of respect for Charlie, and committed to racing at this meeting a month ago. We reckon Charlie would have been proud of Rees today.

A major pile-up in the first championship heat was the main talking point of the West Coast Youth Ministocks. 44B Michael Hirst was turned sideways entering Turn One from the race start, and ended perched on top of a gaggle of cars. Nicole Hickmott’s day was over as she piled into the melee, and she left the track with St John personnel in attendance.

When racing resumed after the wreckage was cleared it was Aaron Humble (46H) who took the spoils, to go with the Wellington title the night before. Dylan Marshall (57H) made it a Huntly quinella, with Cameron Swift (42B) finishing third. Trazarn Ryland-Annabel (5V) was the best of the locals finishing tied for fourth.

Thanks to all the out-of-towners who turned up today; the pits were overflowing. A full report including the results from other classes racing today will be available tomorrow.


Elite Mechanical & Engineering North Island Stockcar Champs

Entries to Date  

4v Tony James 

5v Richard MacDonald

5w Josh Prentice 

5p Mike Gaskin 

6v Dion Mooney 

7v Damon Baxter 

7w Shane Davis 

8r Scott Fredrickson 

 9v Chet Swan

10v Dion Black 

10w Desiree Craike 

14b Jemma Palmer 

19v Jason Wright

24p Stu Sowry 

28v Trent Palamountain 

29m Ryan Hunt 

31g James Kirk 

32r Nicky Johnston 

32p George Frear 

33s Tyler Walker 

34p Rob Mason 

35v Shaun Wild 

38p Neil Coley 

39v Joshua Annabell 

42v Steve Read 

44v Josh Neilson 

47m Keegan Orr 

48m Lee Porter 

52v Francis Potaka 

52p Nathan Black 

53p Todd O'Donnell 

55w Todd Mclachlan 

64v Ben Neilson 

72s Bevan Phillips 

72r Michael Rumney 

74b Tony Palmer 

77p Scott Penn 

81v Trevor Greig 

82v Dennis Black 

86r Michael Keijzer 

88v Ian Barron 

89v Blair Lockett 

91w Kyle Lane 

94p William Humphries

95a Gary Lonergan 

98s Corey Sutton 

99p Ron Tye 

176v Jason Wilson 

186r Richard Keijzer 

196s Josh Perrett 

221s Josh Hancock 

229s Kylee Symes 

243s Ben O'Hanlon 

285p Neville Harrod

513r Callum Flavell 

517s Mark Woods 

616h Cody Webster 

669p Brandon Tye 

898v Sandy Flett 

as at 1/12/2015 

Fireworks Race meeting

What a fantastic night of action it was at Supercheap Autos Oceanview Speedway. Big fields, big crowd and a fabulous

fireworks display sent the folk of Wanganui home happy, even if they were a little cold.

Sadly, the Rees Shield is now in the hands of the Palmerston North Pumas. They were simply too good for a brave Vulcans side.

Brendon Tye led from wire to wire, even after being briefly spun mid-race.

Someone piled in to Ron Tye early, which might have been a mistake as Tye Snr got mad and spent the rest of the race

getting even! Kudos to Dion Black for an excellent drive in his first teams race to finish second.

The Supercheap Auotos Stockcars again turned on carnage, especially in the first race where more than 30 cars faced the starter.

Francis Potaka took a massive hit on the start-finish straight when he was turned into the wall then t-boned.

Bevan Humphrey picked up two wins in his immaculate Tank, although there was suspicion that Ian Barron (sitting in for Dion Mooney)

might have won the feature. Barron however took the Grand Slam officially, so his return from a brief retirement was successful.

The Minisprints turned on fantastic, close racing. Dan Fromings in 62S provided the most spectacular action,

clipping wheels then rolling right in front of the packed southern embankment. Kurt Phillips showed the level of grip in the new track

surface breaking his own lap record with a 14.806 second lap in the first race, and Shane Dewar was only a thousandth of a

second slower with a best lap of 14.807. Wins were shared between Phillips, Dewar and Warren Riddick.

The Minisprints are welcome back at Oceanview any time, and maybe next season we could see a Wanganui round in their

Oval Superstars tour.

There was also plenty of action from a huge field of Burger King Youth Ministocks, and in the other classes.

Huge thanks to everyone who supported last night's meeting; the feedback has been very positive.

We'll see you all again on Sunday 29th November for the Charlie Berntsen Trophy meeting, and the West Coast Youth Ministocks title.

Tony Stuart 

1st Nov racing review

For the second week in a row, the sun shone over Oceanview Speedway this afternoon.

Although it was billed as largely a Club meeting there were good fields in all classes,

with the exception of Superstocks.

19 stockcars faced the starter today, all with a V after their numbers.

That includes former Stratford driver Shane Kells, who is now contracted to Wanganui.

The stockcars turned on plenty of action, especially in the Feature race and the Grand Slam.

Maybe it's the prospect of lots of teams racing in November! Dion Mooney raced to two wins in the 6V car,

but Mark Johnston turned him around on the final corner in the feature race allowing Trevor Greig to win his second

race after a maiden win last week. Steve Read in 42v took the other win.

Scott Duncan took a hat-trick of Superstock wins, whilst Mason James hit the wall hard in the second race after a steering breakage.

Newcomer to speedway Alex Mosley will be pleased with his debut.

Youth Ministock wins were shared between Huntly visitor Aaron Humble, Nicole Hickmott and Trazarn Ryland-Annabell,

whilst Brandon Jurgeleit in 48P took two wins in the Adult version, and Bayley Betts won the other.

And after winning the first Production Saloon race before being relegated to 2nd,

Nathan Smith had the misfortune to hit the wall right on the start-finish line in the second race,

ending his day. John Caird took a clean sweep, with John Huijs picking up two seconds and a third.

A full report will be posted tomorrow, but your scribe had an early start this morning,

and needs his beauty sleep! Well done to the magnificant All Blacks!

Written by Tony Stuart 

Burger King Youth Ministocks
We are lucky enough to have Burger King on board this season sponsoring our Youth Ministocks. 
To any club member or anyone that says they have been to speedway or a member you will receive 10% discount off your purchase
Opening Meeting Review

Written by Tony Stuart 

Meeting #1 for the 2015-16 season is done and dusted.

There were some stand-out performances this afternoon with 26S Mitch Vickery sweeping the superstock races,

81V Trevor Greig taking a maiden win in his second season in his stockcar and Richard McDonald making an

impressive debut in the 5V stockcar.

It was great to see Scott Duncan back in the 23V superstock after a serious illness last year.

And there were several new cars in the stockcar ranks, with more waiting in the wings.

   The new track surface looks great, and the new entranceway at the Airport end will get a test on

14th November when the annual Fireworks Spectacular takes place. But first there's a club meeting 

next Sunday, 1st November at 3pm. 


North Island Stockcar Champs 2015

Entry forms for the North Islands have been emailed to the tracks, or you can download from the SNZ site.   NI entry form

Entry form can be emailed on request to This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it  


Green Sheeting

Saturday 3rd October 

9am - 1.30pm

JDT Engineering, 24 Hinau Street, Wanganui

Please contact Dan Matthews 021-333-044 BEFORE so he can allocate times

thank you 


North Island Stockcar Champs

Thank you to Elite Mechanical who has jumped on board to help us with sponsership for the North Island Stockcars this year.

The entry form is available to download from the Speedway New Zealand site as well as the Oceanview Info facebook page.


final meeting results

Thank you to all who raced with us this season.  Please see the final race meetings results.

11th April 2015
Heat 1  39p Justin Roberts, 45r Brett Henderson, 63p Wayne Coley, 97s Tom Meyer, 77v Brody Fairweather, 98s Anton Scherrer 63p 0:20.55
Heat 2  39p, 64p, 97s, 25p Ben Binsted, 23p Paige Metcalfe, 63p 64p 0:19.13
Heat 3 39p, 64p, 97s, 98s, 92v Aimee Barnes, 139p James Hickford 39p 0:19.60
Feature  39p, 64p, 39s Nathan Nolly, 23p, 92v, 25p 39p 0:18.96

Heat 1  6v Dion Mooney, 15v Mark Johnston, 127g Ethan Rees, 94p William Humphries, 18p Luke Healey, 92p Dennis Black 94p 0:18.45
Heat 2  127g, 15p Rob Myers, 6v, 15v, 94p, 34p Rob Mason 6v 0:16.84 R
Heat 3 34p, 8v, 898v Sandy Flett, 81v Trevor Greig, 6v, 19p Jason Wright 34p 0:17.27

1st 6v Dion Mooney, 2nd 127g Ethan Rees, 3rd 15v Mark Johnston


Heat 1 - Noel Kensington Memorial, heat 2 – George Podjursky Memorial, heat 3 – Craig Heibner Memorial
Heat 1 126g Asher Rees, 1nz Pete Rees, 94p William Humphries, 112p Shaun Pearson, 34p Bex Barr, 581p Jordan Dare 1nz 0:16.47
Heat 2  1nz, 3nz Graeme Barr, 591p Wayne Hemi, 94p, 581p, 112p 591p 0:16.47
Heat 3 3nz, 112p, 581p, 1nz, 53v Carl Burns, 39s Michael Willemson 126g 0:16.55

West Coast 1st 1nz Pete Rees, 2nd 3nz Graeme Barr, 3rd 112p Shaun Pearson


15v, 581p, 34p, 15v Antony Cooper, 92v, 24v

Heat 1  31w Josh Patterson, 17k Troy Mace, 15v Callum Sturzaker, 92v Dylan Smith, 48w Jordan Lum, 21w Robert Dustin 9r 0:19.07
Heat 2  5v Trazarn Ryland-Annabell, 9r Sheldon Arapere, 45r Dion Henderson, 31w, 37w Annika Austin, 17k 48w 0:19.54
Heat 3 31w, 21w, 25k Robert Belk, 26p Liam Metcalfe, 9r, 48w 31w 0:19.55

1st 31w Josh Patterson, 2nd 9r Sheldon Arapere, 3rd 21w Robert Austin

PRODUCTION SALOON – Ray Purdy Memorial  
Heat 1  97v Nathan Smith, 17v Steven Davie, 53v John Caird, 18w Darren McKay, 13v John Huijs, 9v Wayne Pointon 97v 0:20.49
Heat 2  53v, 17v, 9v, 97v, 18w, 71v Jason Pointon 83v 0:18.18
Feature  53v, 17v, 97v, 11v Daryn Smith, 51v, 13v 53v 0:19.25


Sat 11th April

Result time....
Heiby Memorial Youth Ministocks
1st 31w Josh Joshua Patterson
2nd 9r Sheldon Arapere
3rd 21w Robert Austin 
Ray Purdy Memorial Production Saloons
1st 53v John Caird
2nd 17v Steve Davie 
3rd 97v Nathan Smith 
Rivercity Cabs West Coast Stockcars
1st 6v Dion Mooney
2nd 127g Ethan Rees 
3rd 15v Mark Johnston 
Noel Kensington Memorial
1st 126g Asher Rees
2nd 1nz Pete Rees 
3rd 94p William Humphries 
George Podjursky Memorial
1st 1nz Pete Rees 
2nd 3nz Graeme Barr 
3rd 591p Wayne Hemi 
Craig Heibner Memorial
1st 3nz Graeme Barr 
2nd 112p Shaun Pearson 
3rd 581p Jordan Dare
West Coast Superstock Champs
1st 1nz Pete Rees 
2nd 3nz Graeme Barr 
3rd 112p Shaun Pearson

Racing Review 31.01.15

The Wanganui speedway faithful had been looking forward to this meeting for some time. The lead-up weather was great, and big fields were expected, especially for the sought-after Charlie Berntsen Trophy. Then along came Murphy and his Law!

A shower of rain a couple of hours before racing was due to start left the track very wet. The Golden Oldies did their best to wheel-pack before and during their first race, and actually left the racing surface in reasonable shape for the first Charlie heat.

27 Stockcars faced the starter, and 36V Chris Annabel hit the lead early. 88V Ian Barron made his way to the front when Annabel hit traffic problems, only to be passed by 6V Dion Mooney with a lap to go. Mooney held on to win, backing up from his third placing in the Manawatu Championships the previous weekend. Kyle Heibner took a comfortable win in the second heat from 992P Taylor Lampp and 181P Peter Gordon. Barron and Mooney finished fourth and sixth respectively.

An impressive 20 Superstocks rolled out for Heat One of the West Coast Superstocks, with visitors from Stratford, Palmerston North and Hawke’s Bay. Jack Miers had problems with the 88P ex-Ewers machine, and watched from the infield. Kerry Podjursky was first out of the southern bend, and with the 56V tank running beautifully took the win from 15V Kyle Heibner and William Humphries in the 98P car. Light drizzle began falling just as the cars gridded up for the second heat. Miers got a flying start, whilst Podjursky was spun exiting turn two. The track got more and more slippery as the race progressed, and Miers was never threatened, winning from 39S Michael Willemsen and Humphries.

The rain had turned the track into a skating rink, and it was no surprise when racing was adjourned to midday Sunday. However Murphy wasn’t finished, and steady rain on Sunday morning led to the meeting being abandoned.

Points from the first two heats will stand, and the final heats will be run as part of the next meeting at Oceanview, on Saturday 14th February. In the Charlie Berntsen Trophy, Ian Barron leads on 50 points, closely followed by Dion Mooney on 49, with a gap to Kyle Heibner and Kyle Lampp (772P) who sit third on 43 points. It is hoped all drivers can return on the 14th.

In the West Coast Superstocks there are four drivers within four points. William Humphries leads on 36 points, closely followed by Michael Willemsen on 34, Kerry Podjursky on 32 and 27B Shane Warner on 31.

The West Coast Youth Ministocks title was also weather-affected. 58S Bailey Betts and 247P David Marshall had a win apiece, and the Stratford driver leads his Palmerston North rival by one point with a final heat to be run on a date to be advised.

This could have been the meeting of the season to date, but the weather had the final say. Here’s hoping for a fine evening in two weeks when hostilities resume.

Written by Tony Stuart 


28 Dec
Sorry we willl not be racing the Adult Ministock class on the weekend of 28th December.  Any local competitiors are to please help out during the meeting, thank you


If you intend to race at Oceanview speedway, you MUST contact the class rep (Daryl James or Cindy Lancaster)  details are under 'contacts',  at least 2 days beforehand.  We have a limit of 26 cars for Youth Ministocks.  

If you arrive to the race meeting on the day and you have given notice, you will not be able to compete.  This is due to too many just turning up on the day and breaching our quota. 

If you intend to drive at every meeting on the race calender  for your class, you will still be requried to CONFIRM closer to race day.  If you do not confirm and do not turn up to race you will be taken off the register and will have to get in contact again.

Thank you to all competitors who support our track.

(please note the West Coast Youth Champs is unlimted numbers) 


How the Points System Operates

Points are allocated for ALL races up to a maximum of 6 points.  

Standard Races:

1st =  6; 2nd = 5; 3rd = 4; 4th = 3; 5th = 2; 6th = 1  

Feature Races:

1st =  6; 2nd = 5; 3rd = 4; 4th = 3; 5th = 2; 6th = 1  

Grand Slam Races: (not included in overall points)

1st =  6; 2nd = 5; 3rd = 4; 4th = 3; 5th = 2; 6th = 1

Points are allocated to the driver of a vehicle not the vehicle itself.

Feature Points are included in the overall season points as well as being recorded separately.

Stockcars/Superstocks - when these two classes race together in a Standard or Feature Race, they are awarded points as per their placings per class.  For example if Supers finish 1, 2, 5, 6 , they will be awarded points as 6, 5, 3, and 1.

If Stockcars finish 3, 4,  in the same race, they will also be awarded points as 6, 5.  

The Grand Slam allocates its own points and these are awarded as per the placings regardless of class (Stockcars or Superstocks.)

When a Championship is run at a meeting (West Coast Champs or Charlie), no points will be awarded OR if the Teams are away on a race meeting No points will be awarded

Losing track of points can occur when Drivers swap vehicles during a Race Meeting and don't notify the Office Staff.

Opening Meeting

26th October 7pm OPENING MEETING at 


 View DSC_0088mod.JPG in slide show


Photos from the track can be found at the link below.  If you would like to order a copy or two, private message on the page and let us know.  There will be an album on site at the Souvenir Hutt in weeks to come,


Photo's are courtesy of PS3 photography 


Mentor Programme
Mentor Programme

All new drivers to Speedway must complete a Mentor Programme

This is for all new drivers or you have not completed from last season or eveni If you have previously been a driver but have had a break for 5 years you will need to do this.

This is for all ages and all classes 

There will be a theory evening at the Wanganui Stockcar & Speedway Clubrooms (Languard Rd) on THURSDAY 16TH JANUARY at 6.30pm.  

You MUST attend this as you will not be allowed to drive on the track until you do.  We are holding this evening for your benefit.

If you need any information please get in contact with your class rep (found on the the contact page or contact Aimee Barnes 02

If you are unable to attend or require any further information regarding the programme, please feel free to get in contact with

Aimee Barnes on 06 344 2938 between 5.30 - 9pm

Alan Luoni 027 210 5118 

Green Sheeting 11.10.14
Dan Matthews is intending on have a work shop green sheet day. 11 October from 10am, 24 Hinau St Wanganui.  This is open to all classes except sidecars. All classes will be weighed at a $10 fee. For any further information please contact Dan on 021333044.
InterIsland Ferry Crossings

For any Speedway drivers/members that intend to cross the waters this year, the awesome guys at Interislander have put together a great discount deal for you.  All you have to do is book by contacting Tony on 021 726 711 or This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it and he will help you out.

You dont have to pay till you arrive at the terminal.  Driver free with vehicle.  If you can't make your crossing, just let him know, they will put you on the next available crossing.  

For more details please contact Tony on the above number or email. 



www.cookstraitcrossings.co.nz are now 

Speedway NZ’s ferry crossing partner for the 2014/15 season.

Their great rates and generous terms and conditions that are available for all members of the speedway community,

Passengers:   Adults $39.53      Child (0-17 years) $22.89

Cars, Utes & Vans

Kaitake $103

Arahura/Aratere $114.44


Kaitake $22.89

Arahura/Aratere $36.50

Trailers up to 5.5m

Kaitake $132.13

Arahura/Aratere $143.57

Each extra metre or part thereof $40

Trucks, motorhomes etc per metre, including 1 passenger, meal & cabin

Kaitake $49.94

Arahura/Aratere $55.14

To book, visit their website or contact Tony directly on 021 726 711. 

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