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Welcome to Oceanview Speedway
prize giving results

 2015/16 Prize-Giving recipients....
Brockway Family Youth Top Points 1st Dylan Smith Motor Radiator Repairs Top Points Saloon John Caird
2nd Trazarn Ryland-Annabell Top points - 2nd= John Huijs & Jason Pointon
3rd Callum Sturzaker Ray Walsh Memorial Cup Top Saloon Car Feature Jason Pointon
Donna & Paul Brockway Most Improved Youth Aimee Kells FEATURE 2ND John Caird
Gibbons Family Cup - Most Dedicated Youth Callum Sturzaker FEATURE 3RD John Huijs
Mark & Angela Cromarty Cup - Presidents Choice (non driver) Cindy Lancaster Warren Challenge Cup Most Improved Saloon Bayley Goldsack
Out Of Town Youth 1st Bradley Korff Luoni Trophy Sports Person of the Year 74v John Huijs
2nd Jamie Tinetti Doug Worrell Top Local Driver 53v John Caird
3rd= Liam Metcalf, Cameron Swift Central City Motors Best Presented Saloon 83v Richard Hudson
Hiujs Feature Trophy 1st Dylan Smith Ladies Race Leanne Black
2nd Trazarn Ryland-Annabell 2ND Olivia Huijs
3rd Callum Sturzaker 3RD Cindy Lancaster
Rookie of the year - Youth Haley James STOCKCARS
ADULT MINISTOCKS Trev's Concrete Top 10 Stockcar Shootout 78v Mark Johnston
Keith Davis & Jenny Duxfield Ministock Top Points Overall local Jesse Black Murray & Elaine Smith Top Stockcar Points 1st Dion Mooney
Top points - 2nd local Telani Lavin Trevor Davies & Elaine Reid Stockcar Runner Up 2nd Mark Johnston
WSASC Top Feature Point – LOCAL Jesse Black Stockcars overall - 3rd Blair Lockett
Feature Point - 2nd Telani Lavin Les Falconer Memorial Best Presented Stockcar Mooney Motorsport
WSASC Peoples Choice Jesse Black Laurie Edmonds Challenge Top First Year Driver Ben Neilson
Ministock Sports Person of the Year Dylan Smith Engine Rebuilders Stockcar Feature Points Dion Mooney
Most Improved Ministock Driver Aimee Kells 2nd Mark Johnston
WSASC Best Presented Ministock Jemma Barnes 3rd Shane Kells
WSASC Hard Luck Aimee Kells Sideline Sid Stockcar Stirrers Cup (off and on track) 52v Francis Potaka
Ross and Shelley Travers Trophy - Top visiting top points driver Ayrton Smith Eaton Engineering Stirrers Shield Ben Neilson
Top Visiting Point - 2nd Brandon Jurgeleit Eaton & Marshall Hard Luck Stockcars 89v Blair Lockett
Top Visiting Points - 3rd Bayley Betts Top Points out of Town Driver Nicky Johnson
Travers Family Trophy - Top visiting feature points driver Ayrton Smith Ladies Race 1st Super/stock combined Leanne Black
Top Visiting Feature Points - 2nd Brandon Jurgeleit 2nd Sarah Tinetti
Top Visiting Feature Points - 3rd Bayley Betts 3rd Cindy Lancaster
Ladies Race 1st Aimme Barnes SUPERSTOCKS
2ND Olivia Huijs Anne Davidson Superstock Feature Points Scott Duncan
3RD Leeanne Black 2nd Alex Mosley
SIDECARS 3rd Bob Smith
Garry Hutchins Memorial Sidecar Feature Points Tony Hislop / Mitch Byers Wanganui Taxi Challenge Cup Top Points Scorer Overall LOCAL Scott Duncan
2ND Aaron / Amelia WSASC Runner Up Points Superstocks LOCAL Alex Mosley
3RD Craig Scott / Bryce Rose 3rd Bob Smith
GCP Price Memorial Most Improved Sidecar Rider Cameron Patterson Rock Shop Grand Slam (Stocks & Supers) Dion Mooney
Aramoho Auto Wreckers Most Outstanding Sidecar Aaron / Amelia 2nd Mark Johston
Des Eades Honda Top Points Sidecar Aaron / Amelia 3rd = Francis Potaka & Tony James
2ND Tony Hislop / Mitch Byers Top visiting Superstock Driver overall or feature Mitch Vickery
3RD Craig Scott / Bryce Rose Adult Rookie of the Year Damon Baxter
Peg & George Hard luck Sidecar Kim Hajnal OTHER CLUB TROPHIES
Sidecar Best Novice Woodhouse Bob Smith Sports Person of the Year Barnes family
Ladies Race Tracey James Rivercity Scrap Metals Crew Person of the Year Paul Johnston
Carley Simonsen Wizard Towing Outstanding Sports Person Dion Mooney
Best Presented Crew Aaron / Amelia President's Cup Bulls guys
Top Points Local Aaron / Amelia Most Valuable Driver Francis Potaka
2nd Craig Scott / Bryce Rose Good Bastard Trophy Daye, Russell, Tony, ET, Daryn
3rd Matt Stewart / Kristi Wackildene WSASC In Appreciation “that guy” Bryce Balsley
Concrete Pads

If you are keen to have a concrete pad to park your race vehicle from the new season, please get in touch with Trev at Trev's Concrete 027 217 0775 or email This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it


Final meeting Write up

Demolition aplenty at Oceanview 

By Tony Stuart 

The 2015-16 speedway season came to a smashing conclusion on Sunday at Supercheap Autos Oceanview Speedway. The annual Demolition Derby brought down the curtain on an entertaining weekend of racing, and a season with plenty of high points. 

Good fields were in attendance in all classes on Saturday night as the last competitive races of the season took place. 

Pride of place went to the Elite Mechanical Stockcar Challenge. With two races remaining, Dion Mooney held a good lead over Mark Johnston, Sandy Flett and Ben Neilson. 

Mooney took the first race, surviving several attempts to stop him. Johnston came home in second place, to give himself a mathematical chance of winning. Neilson finished back in 11th, but Sandy Flett was taken to the wall by Dennis Black in the 82V car, and his night and title chances ended. 

The second stockcar race was full of drama. Mooney was driven hard into the wall on the back straight, puncturing his right front tyre. He continued to circulate, while fending off several attacks. Dennis Black in the 82V car was hitting anything that moved, as were Francis Potaka (52V) and Ken Meehan (27P). 

When the flag fell, Luke Miers (15P) took the win, with Blair Lockett (89V) in second place and Johnston third. Neilson came home in 7th, whilst the 2NZ car limped home in 14th place, four laps down. 

But completing the race was enough to give Mooney the $2300 winner’s purse with 215 points over the four meetings. Johnston finished second on 201 points, with Neilson third on 182, an excellent result for his first year in the Stockcar class. 

Dylan Smith (53V) took a clean sweep of the Youth Ministocks points titles. Smith’s good luck was at Trazarn Ryland-Annabel’s expense however. The driver of the 5V car was ahead of Smith in the feature when he got caught up with a slower car and went nose-first into the wall on the front straight.

 Later in the meeting Dylan Smith had a drive of his grandfather Bob’s 53V Superstock. He looked completely at home with the increase in horsepower, and we may have had a glimpse at the future of the class at Wanganui. 

Ayrton Smith (64P) took both Adult Ministock points titles. His main rival Brandon Jurgeliet turned up in a borrowed car, having sold the 48P machine during the week, and was unable to overpower Smith. 

John Caird (53V) won the season-long points title over Jason Pointon (71V). Pointon had enough of a Feature Points buffer however to survive a DNF after a heavy collision with the wall left his car’s right front suspension looking very second-hand. 

And in the sidecars, nothing went right for local crew Aaron Rose and Amelia Stanley (34V) as their season-long rivals Mitch Byers and Tony Hislop (17P) clinched the points win. 

The accent on Sunday was on fun, with ladies, novice and crew races before the season ended on a smashing note. 

30 cars of all shapes and sizes rolled out of the pits for the Demolition Derby. Many cars were carrying tributes to Palmerston North Stockcar and Derby competitor Brent Lowe who was tragically killed on Christmas Eve. 

Vehicles ranged from Japanese compacts to the Wolseley of Allan Lowe, but not many were recognisable by the end of the Derby, and few were roadworthy! 

As the damage count grew and the laps ticked over, two cars were left. The red 61 car of Nathan Palmer had stayed out of trouble for most of the race, whilst Eugene Robbemond, taking a break from photographing the action battled on in the damaged 33 car. 

The two cars came together on the back straight, and it was Robbemond’s car that spluttered away from the confrontation, still mobile – just. However the officials deemed otherwise, and Nathan Palmer was awarded the victory in somewhat controversial circumstances. Robbemond was certainly the crowd favourite in the latter stages. 

The closing of the season also marked the end of an era. Long-time Wanganui Stockcar and Speedway Club President Alan Luoni is standing down after many years of sterling service to the Club. He has been a larger than life figure at Oceanview who has worked tirelessly for the sport. 

Luoni will not be lost to speedway however. He is seeking election as a Director of Speedway New Zealand. The Club wishes him well in this venture, and thanks him sincerely for everything he has done to promote the sport and the club, which he leaves in great heart. 

For now however it’s time for everyone to recharge the batteries, and for competitors to burn the midnight oil repairing or replacing their machinery. The 2016-17 season will be on us in October, and will be highlighted by the New Zealand Sidecar Championships. 



6v Dion Mooney 176
898v Sandy Flett 149
64v Ben Neilson 146
78v Mark Johnston 152
42v Steven Read 130
9v Chet Swan 126
87v Shane Kells 112
81v Trevor Greig 107
8v Jamie Baguley 105
35v Shaun Wild 102
19v Jason Wright 83
4v Tony James 68
10v Dion Black 67
39v Josh Annabell 67
72v Hamish Pidwell 60
44v Josh Neilson 48

Sunday 24th report

 Podjursky Triumphs in West Coast Champs


By Tony Stuart


It was the turn of the Superstocks to take top billing at Supercheap Autos Oceanview Speedway on Sunday. The class has been plagued by low numbers this season, but a strong 12-car field was on hand for the West Coast Superstocks.

In addition, three Memorial titles were up from grabs, one in each heat, for the late Noel Kensington, George Podjursky and Craig Heibner. These titles are always keenly contested, and this year was no exception.

Cars from Christchurch, Hawke’s Bay, Wellington and Stratford were on hand to battle the locals. In the first heat Bevan Humphrey (54V) streaked away from his front row grid to win comfortably from Mitch Vickery (26S) and Kerry Podjursky (56VN). As well as taking maximum points in the championship, Humphrey won the Noel Kensington Memorial.

In the second heat and George Podjursky Memorial, Christchurch visitor Malcolm Ngatai (19C) got the jump ahead of Podjursky, who was desperate to win the race in memory of his late father. Podjursky chased Ngatai hard for the whole race, but couldn’t reel the former 1NZ driver in.

After two heats Bevan Humphrey led on 22 points followed by Podjursky (21), Vickery (20), Ngatai (19) and 23V Scott Duncan (17). This set up a fascinating final heat, with Vickery on the front row, and Podjursky and Humphrey back in the field.

Mitch Vickery led out the third heat, but he was blocked by 25B Kairyn O’Brien entering the front straight on the third lap and Podjursky took the lead. Vickery recovered, and he and Ngatai took off in pursuit of the leader. 

Just as they were gaining ground, Vickery and Ngatai came together at the exit to turn 2, and Humphrey almost rolled as he vaulted over the front of the 19C car. Duncan, sitting in fifth place shot past the other three cars, bringing him into podium contention.

As the laps counted down no one could catch the flying Podjursky who took the race, the Craig Heibner Memorial, and the West Coast Superstock title with 33 points. Duncan came home in second to claim third place in the championship, and veteran Bob Smith held on for third. Bevan Humphrey came home in fourth place and picked up enough points to give him second place in the championship.

Kerry Podjursky is a household name in the sport, but is usually associated more with influencing the outcome of races rather than winning. But on Sunday his tank was humming, and his victory was both richly deserved and very popular. With local cars taking the first three placings in the West Coast championship, there were some very happy locals at the conclusion of the meeting.

A good field of Stockcars gathered for Round 3 of the Elite Mechanical Stockcar Challenge. The highlight of the first two heats was the ongoing battle between 2NZ Dion Mooney and 82V Dennis Black which began at the previous meeting. 

It wasn’t until the final heat that Mooney and Black decided to race instead of trying to eliminate one another, and when they did Mooney took out the race to consolidate his lead in the points. Nicky Johnston (32R) and Shane Kells (87V) took out the first two races, with Blair Lockett (89V) and Ron Tye (99V) picking up multiple minor placings.

The Elite Mechanical Series is run on aggregate points over four rounds, so when it concludes next weekend, Dion Mooney is bound to find himself the centre of attention one way or the other, with big money up for grabs to the outright winner.

The season is fast drawing to a close, but there are still two meetings to go. All classes will race on Saturday 30th April starting at 6pm, and there will be a second meeting on Sunday 1st May, concluding with a Demolition Derby.

It has been a long season, but it is finishing on a very high note. 

AGM 2016

A date has been set for this years AGM

26th June 11am at the Clubrooms, Landgurad Rd, Wanganui

Start thinking of  Patron nominations, Committee end executive Committee nominations 

Sunday 10th April 3pm

A Wanganui clean sweep at Oceanview

By Tony Stuart

The threat of rain wasn’t enough to deter racers at Supercheap Autos Oceanview Speedway on Sunday afternoon.

Three titles were decided, and despite there being a large contingent of visiting cars, all went to locally-contracted drivers.

Dion Mooney’s stellar 2015-16 season was capped off by a dominant performance in the West Coast Stockcars where he won

all three heats to take the title with a maximum 69 points. 

It wasn’t all plain sailing for Mooney though. In the second heat he had to chase down veteran racer Ron Tye in the 99V tank.

Just when it looked as though Tye was going to hold on for the win, Mooney squeezed the 2NZ car to the inside exiting the final corner. 

The cars were neck and neck at the line, and although Tye was at first given the chequered flag, Mooney was later awarded the race by 0.01 sec.

After the third heat Tye took second place overall on 63 points, with visitor Scott McIntosh (22P) and Tony James (14V) tied in third on 61 points. 

McIntosh led out the run-off, and survived one attempted spin from James, driving the Dan Matthews car. But going into turn three on the last lap

James made a big lunge at McIntosh and punted him off the racing line. James stormed through to take the race, and make it a

Wanganui 1-2-3 in their home championship.

Dion Mooney has been a stand-out in the Stockcar class this season wherever he has raced. After four minor placings in championship

events around the country this season, his victory was very popular and well deserved.

A large field of Youth Ministocks gathered for the Heiby Memorial, a gesture of respect to the late Craig Heibner who was a hugely popular

personality at Oceanview for many years. Drivers from seven North Island tracks took part.

For qualifying, cars were split into two groups, with the top 13 from each group qualifying for the final. Robert Belk (25K) and local driver

Dylan Smith (53V) were the top points scorers in qualifying, and earned the font grid positions for the Heiby Memorial final.

Dylan Smith got the jump at the start, and led the pack of 26 cars into the southern bend. He maintained his lead throughout, and took

the win from Belk. Bradley Korff (86S) crossed the line in third. However third place was subsequently shared between Korff and

Cameron Swift (42B) after Swift was impeded by a slower car when trying to make a late pass for third. Both drivers were happy to share the position. 

Local drivers Trazarn Ryland-Annabel and Callum Sturzaker came home in 9th and 10th places respectively in a very strong field.

The Ministocks turned on some fantastic, clean racing, and in seven races the red lights were only activated twice.

In the opening qualifying heat, Belk held out the fast-finishing Smith by only 0.02 seconds in another extremely tight finish.

Streetstocks made a rare visit to Oceanview for their West Coast title. After two heats it looked as though Craig Rolston (5P) was going

to make no race of things, winning the two opening heats.

In the reverse-direction third heat however, Rolston crashed heavily into the wall at the southern end and his race was over.

Clive Rogers (18W) took the win from Matt Blinkhorne (56S) and locally-contracted driver Simon Bland (31V).

Two second placings in the first two heats however gave Bland enough points to take the title by two points over Blinkhorne.

Rolston’s two race wins gave him enough points to tie with Rogers in third place, and the 5P car took the run-off after spinning the

Wellington driver a couple of times.

The racing surface was probably the best it has been all season. Although racing had to be suspended for ten minutes early in the

afternoon as a shower passed over the track was quickly restored, and the competitors enjoyed a track with plenty of drive.

The season is fast coming to an end, although there is still one big meeting to come. The West Coast Superstocks meeting,

postponed last weekend, has been rescheduled for Sunday 24th April, and with Palmerston North running its last meeting of the

season the night before, the club is hopeful of a big field for the premier class. This meeting will also feature the third round of the

Elite Mechanical Stockcar Challenge.

It was all smiles in the Wanganui Stockcar and Speedway Club’s clubrooms last night however as the locals toasted a well-deserved

Wanganui clean sweep of titles.

29th November Review

Hot Day; Hot Action

It’s been a long, hot afternoon at Supercheap Autos Oceanview Speedway, but the first two championships of the 2015-16 season have been decided.

Peter Rees in 11G is the winner of the Charlie Berntsen Trophy for this season. In an action-packed final heat, Rees Snr avoided the attention of a number of Wanganui cars and Corey Sutton (89S) to take the win and the title. Going into the final heat Ethan Rees (127G) led his father by a point, but was twice stopped by Sutton allowing Dion Mooney (6V) to finish the race in second.

Ethan Rees and Mooney were tied in second place, so a four-lap run-off was called. Mooney turned right into Rees from the startline, but the tank got clear. When Rees spun Mooney going into Turn 3, he had secured a family quinella.

Peter Rees was visibly emotional when accepting the trophy in the Clubrooms. He had a huge amount of respect for Charlie, and committed to racing at this meeting a month ago. We reckon Charlie would have been proud of Rees today.

A major pile-up in the first championship heat was the main talking point of the West Coast Youth Ministocks. 44B Michael Hirst was turned sideways entering Turn One from the race start, and ended perched on top of a gaggle of cars. Nicole Hickmott’s day was over as she piled into the melee, and she left the track with St John personnel in attendance.

When racing resumed after the wreckage was cleared it was Aaron Humble (46H) who took the spoils, to go with the Wellington title the night before. Dylan Marshall (57H) made it a Huntly quinella, with Cameron Swift (42B) finishing third. Trazarn Ryland-Annabel (5V) was the best of the locals finishing tied for fourth.

Thanks to all the out-of-towners who turned up today; the pits were overflowing. A full report including the results from other classes racing today will be available tomorrow.


2015/16 Prizegiving

If you were lucky enough to recieve a trophy from last years prize giving it is now that time of year again to start getting them back into us for the winners etc for this race season...


mip 2016


Over the weekend 170-plus youth ministock drivers (12-17 years old) from across the country congregated on Paradise Valley Raceway in Rotorua,

all vying for a chance to take away the title of the Tubby Norris Memorial Ministocks In Paradise Champion.

Wanganui had a great turn out of drivers, and the first night of racing proved to be an exciting one. The 170 drivers were split firstly into age groups,

the Junior section for 12-13 year olds and the Senior section for 14-17 year olds.

The Senior section was split into 6 groups of 24 cars, each group completing three qualifying races. From each of these 6 groups the top four cars were then eligible to

compete for the inaugural trophy the following night.

After spending hours in the baking sun while their race vehicles were thoroughly inspected the first nights racing began at 8pm, two hours after the scheduled start time.

Trazarn (5v) was able to pick up 7th, 2nd and 7th while Dylan (53v) snatched 2nd, 5th, and 10th both of these drivers managing to make it through their qualifying heats

relatively unscathed and with enough points to place them into the main championship for the second nights racing.

Callum (15v) fought hard with a 3rd, 11th and 13th but it wasn’t enough to make the top tier. Brody (61v) drove consistently all night and collected 19th, 21st and 12th,

improving as the night went on. Jemma (92v) had a great start running within the top ten until a flat tyre dropped her back to 18th on the last lap,

she also picked up a 12th and 10th. Max (81v) drove well taking away placings 9th, 14th and 14th. The first nights racing concluded just after midnight,

with many tired young drivers. The second nights racing started with a bang, the main championship race wasn’t even able to complete a lap before a double rollover took one

Wanganui car out of contention and hindered the other. As cars were removed from the pile up the 5v car appeared from the middle of the wreckage stuck on its side.

Unfortunately Trazarn (5v) was towed to the infield and Dylan (53v) was now half a lap behind the rest of the field after being caught behind the pile up.

When the green flag dropped Dylan drove hard, hunting the leaders down and managing to secure a 13th. Unfortunately, rollcage damage to the 5v car

meant it was parked for the rest of the night and Trazarn had to watch from the side lines. Dylan continued to show why he deserved to be in the top group

securing a 3rd place in the second race and a 4th place in the last race. A stroke a bad luck however saw him receive a relegation from the officials in both races,

changing his placings to 5th and 6th. Once the points were tallied Dylan (53v), even with the relegations, still managed to secure 6th place overall in the championship,

the highest placing by a Wanganui driver since Aimee Barnes secured 9th overall four years ago, ironically in the same race vehicle.

Kaelin (12v), son of stockcar racer Dion Mooney, was the only Wanganui car in the junior section and showed consistency with his placings, 15th, 7th, 8th, 11th

along with a brilliant drive in the last race from the rear of the grid to secure 5th earning him 13th overall in the Junior Championship.


When you come along to Oceanview Speedway to race we ask you are there signed in and scrutineered an hour BEFORE racing starts.
IF you are running late you need to notify the Pres or your class contact. 
Thank you
14 Feb Racing Review

Another scorcher at Oceanview

The brilliant speedway summer continued this afternoon at Supercheap Autos Oceanview Speedway. The track crew had poured truckloads of water into the track over the last 48 hours, and despite the hot sun, the track held up well.

The feature of the meeting was the inaugural running of the West Coast Minisprints. A field of eight cars face the starter. Cameron Hurley in the 82V car got the jump in the first heat, and held off the fast-finishing 3NZ of Jordan McLeod to take a well-deserved win. McLeod had a wire to wire win in Heat Two, from Shane Dewar in 41P and 37P Todd Phillips.

After two heats McLeod led on 15 points, with Hurley, Dewar and Phillips tied on 12. 8P Nathan Jeffries took the final heat, followed home by McLeod, Dewar and Hurley. That gave Jordan McLeod the title, four points ahead of Shane Dewar, with Cameron Hurley taking third overall.

The Stockcar field had a new entrant today; veteran driver Ron Tye in 99V who is now contracted to Oceanview, along with his son Brendon.

The feature race was the Stockcar Shootout. Run along the same lines as a pole shuffle for Sprintcars or Saloons, the top 10 cars in the opening stockcar race qualified. 19V Jason Wright and 42V Steve Read made early progress in the standings, but it was 78V Mark Johnston who won the spoils, holding out Dion Mooney in a highly tactical final pairing. Mooney tried everything, but couldn’t find a way past the 78V car. Steve Read took the prize for the best challenge in the shootout.

With Ray Purdy Memorial winner John Caird missing, Jason Pointon (71V) put on his own Caird impression with a clean sweep of the Production Saloon races. Palmerston North drivers dominated the Adult Ministocks, with 64P Ayrton Smith winning the first and last races, and 48P Brendon Jurgeleit winning the middle race. And in the sidecars, the 17P combination of Tony Hislop & Mitch Byers took two wins, with 34V Aaron Rose & Amelia Stanley winning the other race.

We go racing again at Oceanview next Sunday at 3pm for a Club Day with a difference as regional rivalries will be put to the test in the Stockcar class; see you there!

Vulcans new logo

The Wanganui Vulcans would like to congratulate Andrew McHugh for his winning design.

 New Image.jpg

Wanganui Warriors 2016

The Wanganui Warriors, runners up at the ENZED Superstock Teams Champs in 2014 and 2015,

will again be contesting the biggest event on the speedway calendar.

The 2016 Wanganui Warriors team is as follows:

54V Bevan Humphrey
6V Dion Mooney
23V Scott Duncan
52V Francis Potaka
5V Keegan Levien
88V Ian Barron

Replacing Kyle Heibner, Kerry Podjursky and Shaun Pearson from last year’s team was never going to be an easy task.

But the Wanganui Stockcar and Speedway Club and Warriors team manager Daryl James have picked a team based around local competitors.

This was always the Club’s first preference. And Keegan Levien has a strong connection to Oceanview Speedway,

with his father Allen having raced several seasons for the Wanganui Vulcans Stockcar team.

The Club wishes the Warriors well, and thanks everyone who has helped to bring this team together.


NZ Stockcars

W.S.S.C congradulate 6v Dion Mooney to getting 2nz this weekend at Huntly.

Well done to the  Francis, Blair, Jamie, and Tony that also went and competed.  I



 Congratulations to our 2016 New Zealand Stockcar Champions:

1st – 77B Jason Penn now 1NZ
2nd – 6V Dion Mooney now 2NZ
3rd – 2nz Jayden Ward now 3NZ
pic from Huntly Speedway page 
We are on Twitter

If you are on twitter feel free to follow the tweets of the local drivers 

Site is updated by Tony Stuart.


2015/16 Elite mechanical Stockcar Challenge

  Points to date.  Reminder you have to compete in all 4 rounds to be eligable.  Double points were also given at random to positioins 9th and under


29.11.2015 17.01.2016 heat 1 17.01.2016 heat 2 17.01.2016 heat 3 TOTAL
6v Dion Mooney 48 22 24 24 118
78v Mark Johnston 47 23 22 21 113
8v Jamie Baguley 46 21 19 19 105
898v Sandy Flett 35 12 21 20 88
87v Shane Kells 36 13 15 22 86
64v Ben Neilson 44 20 20 DNF 84
19v Jason Wright 42 8 17 16 83 dbl heat 1
35v Shaun Wild 24 15 16 17 72
9v Chet Swan 43 dnf 13 15 71
4v Tony James 45 10 dnf 13 68
81v Trevor Greig 32 8 18 10 68
10v Dion Black 40 6 10 11 67
39v Josh Annabell 24 17 14 12 67
42v Steven Read 24 dnf 18 23 65 dbl heat 2
72v Hamish Pidwell 28 9 11 12 60 dbl heat 3
44v Josh Neilson 24 10 dnf 14 48 dbl heat 1 dbl heat 3


Elite Mechanical & Engineering North Island Stockcar Champs

 Ward wins thrilling NI title

By Tony Stuart

Jayden Ward from Palmerston North is the new North Island Stockcar champion. Ward, the current 2NZ and former New Zealand champion survived two nights of brutal stockcar racing action to take the spoils.

Friday night saw 77 cars try to qualify for the 26-car finals field. Ward showed glimpses of what was to come in topping his group. Other group winners were Damien Orr (99R) and Michael Rumney (72R), whilst Mark Woods (517S) and Dion Mooney (6V) were tied at the top of the Red group.

Notables to miss the finals were Gary Lonegan (55A) who punctured in the final qualifying heat, rising talent Todd McLachlan (55W) and George Frear (32P) who looked certain to qualify before being caught up in someone else’s argument, and being towed off.

There was a three-way tie for the final two places between Randall Tarrant (66B) and locals Blair Lockett (89V) and Mark Johnston (78V) but Lockett had mechanical issues and couldn’t make the run-off. His weekend was over.

A large crowd poured in to Oceanview on a clear, cool Saturday night, and were treated to some red-hot racing action. The final 26 comprised nine Palmerston North drivers, five each from Rotorua and Stratford, two each from Hawkes Bay, Wellington and Wanganui, and the lonely Dave Moore from Huntly. It was clear that team tactics would be the order of the day.

Ward took the opening heat from fellow Palmerston North driver Stu Rackham in 29P. But behind them there was plenty of carnage. Alec Wilson (67P) hit the wall hard on the opening bend. Then one of the favourites to win, William Humphries (94P), came together with Brendon Tye (669P) exiting the southern bend and both cars rolled on spectacular fashion. Mooney escaped the carnage to finish third, followed closely by Kyle Lane (91W) and Tyler Walker (33S).

Walker took the second heat, slipping past Mooney in the closing laps. Ward finished third, but was relegated one position by the Speedway New Zealand stewards for a race infringement, leaving Johnston in third place.

After two heats, Ward and Mooney were tied on 49 points, with Walker a point further back on 48. Next of the best were Rackham (44) and Shane Davis (7W – 42 points).

Davis was on the front row of the grid for the final heat, with his bright orange car covered in black tap in an attempt to be invisible! It worked, and he streaked away for the win from team-mate Lane. But the battle behind him was intense as Bevan Phillips (72S) and Ron Tye (99P) tried to run interference for their club-mates Walker and Ward respectively. Mooney powered his way towards the front of the field, only to run wide in traffic and lose a couple of crucial places.

When the points were tallied Walker and Ward were tied on 72, with Mooney taking third on 70 points. A run-off was held, and after a cat and mouse start where the two cars inched away from the start Ward prevailed.

It was a masterclass in Stockcar racing from the young Palmerston North driver, who is the form driver in the class so far this season. He stayed out of trouble, even in the action-packed final heat, and showed a level of race-craft beyond his years. He celebrated his victory with an impressive burnout in from of the crowded embankment at the southern end.

Walker was fast all weekend in a car formerly driven by Ward’s father Graeme, also a past New Zealand Stockcar champion. After years where the class has been dominated by Peter Rees-built cars, Palmerston North chassis-builder Keith Gill will be delighted to have provided the two winning cars.

And Mooney was fast and smooth all weekend, but the sheer weight of numbers of Stratford and Palmerston North cars worked against him. Just finishing third however was a huge achievement after his car was rebuilt from the firewall forward in the days before the event.

The Second Tier championship was won by Caitlin Hayward (94M) from Todd McLachlan in 55W. Sandy Flett took third place in 898V after Joshua Annabel (39V) was excluded from their third place run-off. And Francis Potaka (52V) was awarded the trophy for the best stirrer of the meeting, which surprised no one!

This was a brilliant meeting, and Alan Luoni and the entire Oceanview Speedway team can be proud of an outstanding event. Everything ran like clockwork, and the racing was some of the best seen in Wanganui for many seasons.



Fireworks Race meeting

What a fantastic night of action it was at Supercheap Autos Oceanview Speedway. Big fields, big crowd and a fabulous

fireworks display sent the folk of Wanganui home happy, even if they were a little cold.

Sadly, the Rees Shield is now in the hands of the Palmerston North Pumas. They were simply too good for a brave Vulcans side.

Brendon Tye led from wire to wire, even after being briefly spun mid-race.

Someone piled in to Ron Tye early, which might have been a mistake as Tye Snr got mad and spent the rest of the race

getting even! Kudos to Dion Black for an excellent drive in his first teams race to finish second.

The Supercheap Auotos Stockcars again turned on carnage, especially in the first race where more than 30 cars faced the starter.

Francis Potaka took a massive hit on the start-finish straight when he was turned into the wall then t-boned.

Bevan Humphrey picked up two wins in his immaculate Tank, although there was suspicion that Ian Barron (sitting in for Dion Mooney)

might have won the feature. Barron however took the Grand Slam officially, so his return from a brief retirement was successful.

The Minisprints turned on fantastic, close racing. Dan Fromings in 62S provided the most spectacular action,

clipping wheels then rolling right in front of the packed southern embankment. Kurt Phillips showed the level of grip in the new track

surface breaking his own lap record with a 14.806 second lap in the first race, and Shane Dewar was only a thousandth of a

second slower with a best lap of 14.807. Wins were shared between Phillips, Dewar and Warren Riddick.

The Minisprints are welcome back at Oceanview any time, and maybe next season we could see a Wanganui round in their

Oval Superstars tour.

There was also plenty of action from a huge field of Burger King Youth Ministocks, and in the other classes.

Huge thanks to everyone who supported last night's meeting; the feedback has been very positive.

We'll see you all again on Sunday 29th November for the Charlie Berntsen Trophy meeting, and the West Coast Youth Ministocks title.

Tony Stuart 

1st Nov racing review

For the second week in a row, the sun shone over Oceanview Speedway this afternoon.

Although it was billed as largely a Club meeting there were good fields in all classes,

with the exception of Superstocks.

19 stockcars faced the starter today, all with a V after their numbers.

That includes former Stratford driver Shane Kells, who is now contracted to Wanganui.

The stockcars turned on plenty of action, especially in the Feature race and the Grand Slam.

Maybe it's the prospect of lots of teams racing in November! Dion Mooney raced to two wins in the 6V car,

but Mark Johnston turned him around on the final corner in the feature race allowing Trevor Greig to win his second

race after a maiden win last week. Steve Read in 42v took the other win.

Scott Duncan took a hat-trick of Superstock wins, whilst Mason James hit the wall hard in the second race after a steering breakage.

Newcomer to speedway Alex Mosley will be pleased with his debut.

Youth Ministock wins were shared between Huntly visitor Aaron Humble, Nicole Hickmott and Trazarn Ryland-Annabell,

whilst Brandon Jurgeleit in 48P took two wins in the Adult version, and Bayley Betts won the other.

And after winning the first Production Saloon race before being relegated to 2nd,

Nathan Smith had the misfortune to hit the wall right on the start-finish line in the second race,

ending his day. John Caird took a clean sweep, with John Huijs picking up two seconds and a third.

A full report will be posted tomorrow, but your scribe had an early start this morning,

and needs his beauty sleep! Well done to the magnificant All Blacks!

Written by Tony Stuart 

Burger King Youth Ministocks
We are lucky enough to have Burger King on board this season sponsoring our Youth Ministocks. 
To any club member or anyone that says they have been to speedway or a member you will receive 10% discount off your purchase
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